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CEM Company is a world leader in the production of specialized microwave systems for analytical laboratories, technological controls and Biotechnology (microwave laboratory equipment).CEM Company manufactures a complete list of microwave laboratory equipment, technology for organic synthesis and sample preparation. CEM Corporation manufactures microwave system for sample preparation (open and closed type), the system for ashing, drying, fat analysis, protein & moisture/solids products. CEM Company produces all types of systems for the preparation of samples in the analytical laboratory-open (series STAR), and closed (series MARS) system for the mineralization of samples, & well as model for extraction
Using microwave technology for the preparation of samples provides a number of advantages: shorten the time mineralization samples, increasing the productivity of equipment, the use of micro management and continuous control of main process parameters improves reproducibility preparation of samples, respectively, the results of the analysis, increases their accuracy. With system granted provided a methodology recommended by CEM  for the type of specimens, as well as invited methodological support, if in the future you will need to change the method.

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A legend is born

The all new ARTUS 8 is the latest addition to ARUNs portfolio of metal analysers. It completes the offering to higher end applications. Its primary field of applications are in foundries, metal producing and metal processing industries. Do not miss out! New campaign from RETSCH GmbH called "The Future is Now - New Dimensions in Sample Preparation and Particle Analysis". CEM brings a remarkable intelligence and ease of use to microwave sample preparation with the new MARS 6 System!

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